4th of July Vacation Menu- II

photo shot by *me* Sag Harbor, 2010

I fell in love with Sag Harbor. So did LML.
We enjoyed an incredible dinner at B Smith's. (i love you, B Smith's)

I have to admit, we were kind of scared after speaking with the staff about dinner. They reminded us that they are not specifically a seafood restaurant even though we thought they were.

the food was OUTSTANDING.

Ever have fried oysters with wasabi mayo??:

We placed 2 or 3 orders of just that. Holy crap.
We demolished some chicken wings. You would think these 2 appetizers would kill our tummies? Hell to the no.
Pictures include my shrimps with yummy black rice, and my LML's stuffed swordfish...or some fish.

amazzzziiinnnnnggg...like i hope my bloggie friend july's have been <3

globetrotting gamine

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