wouldn't you know it?

i'm a really bad bloggie-friend.
i'm so sorry i haven't written and i hope that you've all been well.

things got a little crazy here- long weekends followed up by long parties. then things got interesting:
  • got a little sick
  • got back into yoga
  • got mad and decided to finish the book
  • started researching, printing and rewriting
  • photography = snap happy
  • weddings and more family events!
  • editing the book
  • am about to have new office!
  • must redecorate new office!
  • do 1000 things
this next month is going to be nothing short of crazy. home improvements, yard improvements, my best friend's wedding coming up! showers to plan, globetrotting to plan, people to see...

opinions on where to purchase office furniture (new? sturdy? cheap?) and a printer? what kinds?

how would you decorate your office?

lemme knowwwwww

i am one happy cookie

and hope that you are, too <3

globetrotting gamine


  1. Ooh, you're such a busy girlie! LOL

  2. Ikea is fine for office furniture. It's not going to be heirloom pieces you can pass on for generations- but I'm sure they'll have what you're looking for!

    Where do you do yoga?

  3. hi sweets :)
    was totally thinking of ikea but an open to other ideas as well <3

    i do yoga everywhere! lol...bedroom, living room, lucille roberts, the yoga studio by my parents...you name it, i try it <3

    love you

  4. Hey sweetie. I hope by this time you are feeling better. Looks like this month you have your hands. I am with eatsgrass/nonrunner, Ikea has some really nice stuff. =)


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