"butterfly effect"

this photo was taken by....me! again! 2009

i was an extremely happy child.
my house was always full, and as a result i became more reflective than outgoing. go figure.

on one such day, when my house was entirely too full, i decided to venture out on my own. my daddy's brother was visiting from Greece with his son. My sister had her friend over. My Grandparents were in the kitchen yelling and cooking as usual...i didn't know what to do first.

so i grabbed the empty laundry basket.
i dragged it to the back door and went outside to help my grandma bring in the line-dried laundry from the yard.

there i am. my black curly hair was flying everywhere as i hopped up and down trying to reach for those pesky clothespins. after all the hopping i get all the clothes in the laundry basket. i snuffled my face in the clean laundry and proceeded to carry back the basket to the door.

flutter flutter.

what the...?

as i turned slowly, i felt the flutter once more. i tightened my grip on the laundry basket and...
i came face to face with...


are there bug eyes supposed to even be that big?

instinct took over as i let out a....WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

and ran to the door with all my might, as fast as i ever could have run!

there was just one problem. i forgot that i was holding a laundry basket the size of...well?

so there i went. ker-plunk as my little almost-five year old body in the cement.

scrraaaaappppppppppeeeeee went my knees.

i have the marks to prove it :)

though, it didn't stop me a few weeks later from skipping down the aisle at a relatives wedding.

with HUGE bandages covering my tiny little knees.

moral of the story? put the laundry basket DOWN before you run for your life!


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