i don't understand.

it's june.

and i'm home sick like a dog.

not this dog. a mean nasty boogery one...

a big thanks to my nephew...

there he is. he started it and passed it on to me and LML while we
were a few miles away from this place.

thanks, man.

right now, i am home watching TV...
but just the Fit TV channel.
looking at what i should be doing. i couldn't even make it through a warm up.

pretty much all i want to do is this...

ok, no.
not the most flattering picture of me...
but probably what i look like right now!
(even though it was taken last year in the dominican republic)

my grandmother is still in the hospital.
they are still running tests to see what she's got.
nightmares have been running rampant through my head.

i've been taking my vitamins...
obviously they didn't help since i look like
the above picture.

step, step, step....says FitTV...

crazy ex-bff tried out for the jersey shore.

have i ever complained here about it?
that LML made me watch it once and
i yelled at him for making me lose an IQ point?

i don't remember.

now i don't feel so mean and bitchy anymore...
for saying that she was causing drama instead of just listening to me...
and respecting my wishes...

that i just wanted privacy...

well, if she gets on the show, that's shot to shit...

don't you think?

oops. sorry...started to daydream about sleeping again.

i can't go back to sleep. i CAN'T!

i get crusties and goo coming out of my eyes and it makes me want to hurl.


have a wonderful day. enjoy the sunshine for me <3

and thank you for the comments!


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  1. Oh, my love, crusties and goo and Jersey Shore make me want to vom too!! I hope you get rest today...maybe you should stop watching FitTV?? Watch Bravo or something, I think that will make you feel better :) xoxo


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