what is it about the holidays?

(photo by me, MG. if you like it, let me know! and don't steal it without my permission. thanks!)

seriously. what is it about the holidays that stresses everyone out. this is how i see it:
i hang out at my mom's all the time. i hang out with my in-laws all the time.
they come over. i go over.
we go out to lunch.
we hang out.

the same deal happens during the holidays, right?
then of course, those who are usually working are NOT working so they join in the crowd.
and there's a LOT of food involved.
and since there's in-laws...most of us have to eat TWICE!

and of course, there's beer and sangria (which i made yesterday) and other yummy things...
oh, and cheesecakes and muffins...don't forget i'm lactose intolerant.

and the rehashing of nostalgic stories, things we've either heard a million times or never at all...
(probably because we've heard the others a million times too many that the really interesting ones get pushed to the backburner.)

there's the best of intentions:
  • clean as much as we can
  • take as many pictures as we can
  • eat some more
but how productive are we accomplishing those items?

in the shell of a nut,
holidays stress me out
but family
does not.

how were your holidays? can you relate?


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