teen witch remake?!


i'm at the bookstore, yesterday after the gym.
i let my mind go blank and write and write before i pick up any magazine.

i am so glad i picked up the magazine! they are remaking one of my favorite flicks: Teen Witch!

ok ok, so I know that many of you have no idea what I'm talking about. I also know that many of you are wondering why the hell I'd be interested in a remake... I don't know how great the acting skills of Ashley Tisdale are but...

i remember watching this movie with my v. good friends...one of them being eatsgrass...on a lazy saturday afternoon during junior high school...or maybe it was high school? i can't believe it will be coming back when we're all married...our good friend also has a baby!

isnt't it amazing how life is constantly changing, but never changing?

i can't waittttttttt!

i hope i'm not travelling when this comes out!


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  1. I loved that movie!! I even had that little rap scene memorized, lol.
    I have an this whole prejudice against Ashley tilsdale because of High school Musical. I may just have to work on that.


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