re: frenemy article!

i love you, Good Housekeeping magazine.

Let me count the main reason this month (April 2010):
your article titled: The Friendship Fray
By Betsy Rapoport

It says this about the psychodrama friend
in the shell of a nut:
"You hang up the phone feeling as if you've just donated a couple of pints."


The article goes on to say:
"Let a Too-Much-Information friend know your requirements, too.
Before you decide the fault's all hers, make sure you've been clear about what you
consider oversharing. 'Crossing boundaries may be a deal breaker- but have you really established that boundary explicitly? You know you have if you've said to your friend 3 times, "Stop. That's way too much" "

Hi. Hello. I've said that over 256 times.

Then, the article goes on to say:
"There are, of course, times when you should really head for the exit: You've made an honest effort
to communicate what you need, but your friend doesn't respond, or your caring and loyalty
aren't being reciprocated. It makes no sense to keep hanging out in a friendship where we feel diminished, misunderstood, or unfairly treated"

Thank you.

"...or where we've tried to heal the problem and our attempts to make things better go nowhere"


So case in point.
You say something to someone.
Your husband says something to someone.
Re: now ex-friend

The feelings and words are never respected
words are twisted,
there is talk behind your back,
but then you're the bad guy
and they're the victim
when all you really said to begin with was...

forgive the profanity:

then  you somehow need,
and i quote:
"to grow the fuck up"

How about they grow up?
How about they remove their head up out of their ass?
How about we stick to the topic of respect,
before having to be harsh enough to get
what you orginally asked for:
boundaries and privacy?

Was a text message to my family necessary when it says,
Happy Easter, I love you all even though MG hates me.

Wow, my Mommy is going to be mad at me now.


Anyone else ever go through this crap?


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