his legacy

while cleaning and organizing last week, I came across a few of my Grandfather's old belongings. He kept things that were important to him, just the way I do. I have his visa's from Greece and his first passport :)
He was an artist, a great Grandfather, a great friend...and would kick anyone's ass who messed with his friends or family.
He kept in touch with people over the years via snail-mail, and had a dark room when he remodeled the house I was born into. He was an excellent photographer, loved to throw parties at home, and loved to drink wine and play cards.
If he was around in this day an age, he would have been a photo-shopping, internet maniac like his Granddaughter (me!) is. Well, I don't have photoshop...yet...
He travelled the world, and came to America from a tiny little island in Greece. Though injured quite frequently...a clutz, another gene I've inherited...he moved his family overseas and developed an amazing life for himself and them.
He made friends once he came to America with the Greek Community and the Church. There are priests who still talk about how great he was...even though I remember going to church with him on Sunday, and he wasn't awake the whole time :)
I used to wake up earlier in the morning so I can play with him before school. I would hear him shuffling around the kitchen, and then I'd hear him sleeping on his chair.
It didn't stop  me from taking a running start and catapulting myself on him. He'd get startled and yipe, but I thought it was a game...until I bought it up in a conversation with my mother who told me that he thought he was having a heart attack every morning when I did that. Eeps.
Sorry, Pappou.

My Grandfather was so cool. And we all miss him and talk about him to this day.
Picture to follow :)


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  1. lovely post. My Grandad was a chef on round the world cruises. It's where I get my love of cooking from ... I should post about him one day.


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