facebook is lethal

especially if you know crazy people.
like i've said before...
you can't say that you're happy on facebook
because automatically,
you're engaged, married or pregnant...
the pregnant thing is my favorite.

always ALWAYS, do crazies
say that about the people who
have NO plans to be
engaged, married or pregnant
in the near future.

then they wonder why
you get offended?
because if you were any of those things, what?
your first reaction is to post it on facebook?
HA. Losers.


one good thing is that
i'd been recording all photos on fb, and found this funny one...

you see...
last may was the first time
that i ever played with a duck
and a chick...
and i'm in my late 20s and definitely
did *not*
have a childhood deprived of anything...

except that, obviously. lmao...
that duck was freaking crazy.
it scared the hell out of me and LML...
but most of all, out of poor puppy.
look at him looking at that duck...

he's saying, get it the hell away from me.
it's going to peck at my face.

alas, we did get puppy away from duck.
and they went back to the farm before we left for
our regularly scheduled life...

but...it was the first time i ever played with a duck *and* a chick :)

sorry if the picture looks weird.
isn't my niece beautiful?!



  1. Re: Facebook- The thing is you choose who you are friends with. And in life too. If they act like maniacs, then you can un-friend people. Or distance yourself. It's not always easy. Clear concise communication is the key though. If they choose to disrespect you and your friendship then they are bad friends and you're better off without them...

  2. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog, of course i never mind a new follower! im off to take a looka round, just wanted to say hello and let you know im here~


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