The Way People Eat

Dear Bloggie-Friends,

In January, LML and I had learned many things. Among those things is the fact that we can never look at another hamburger and/or hot dog the same way ever again.

To keep a long story short, we were in a place that had these food items available to the public for at least 20 hours a day. That being said, we saw people consuming mass quantities of these items for 20 hours. Along with a plate of french fries, and a DIET coke to wash everything down with, watching these people eat was completely nauseating. For example:

Did you ever eat a hamburger with a cookie in the other hand, alternating bites?

Did you ever slather your hot dog with EVERYTHING on it, only to get EVERYTHING all over your face?

Needless to say, LML and I are now addicted to eating MORE vegetables, fruits and fish. Things that never appeared on these people's plates. Ever.

If I ever go to this place again, I am sure that I will lose another 40 lbs. Ew.

Say no to hot dogs.



  1. Having a plant based diet is better for the planet, and better for people. It's terrible the way that people forget to eat their fruits, veggies and whole grains, while gorging on fats, processed "franken foods". Good idea to focus more on the fruits and veggies! The planet will thank you and so will your bodies!

  2. Right now my body is kicking my ass...but yes...

    a couple more sightings of people who eat this way and there will be no more grass in my yard. i may start grazing.


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