This weekend:

Did you ever try to remember what happened over the weekend, and realized you had to work backwards to remember it all? It could be because it's the only days I spend with LML completely all week. So I forget most things except him. Yep. This is what I'm doing...trying to remember what we did!

Friday Night: Hmmm.

Saturday: Up. Dunkin Donuts. Benihana's. TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx. Marshall's. Groceries. Made yummy strawberry banana smoothies I have patented!

Sunday: Up. Dunkin Donuts. TJ Maxx. Drive. Minado for sushi buffet. TJ Maxx, location 2. Roosevelt Field Mall. Kotobuki (first time ever!) for dinner with some friends and fam. Home. Clean up after puppy. Hug puppy. Fall asleep with puppy.

yeah, that's the gist :)


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