Reflections '09/'10

A lot of people write reflections down... I don't know if I ever really have and I'm a journal/scrapbooking/list kind of a girl.

So I'm going to take a hint from the inspirational loves and put everything into words. I am sorry if I am driving you crazy, but am so thankful that you've visited. Please note, that if there is an old post you'd like to comment on, I will NOT think that you are crazy. I love comments :)

  • I began my blog in August.
  • Realizing, once again and on a daily basis, that I love LML more and more
  • In January: We spent New Year's with my family- it was the coldest day ever! Anyone remember that? Many diner trips, my niece's 19th birthday at homeand at a hookah lounge, our first time ever in Montreal, hanging out with friends
  • February/March: hanging out with friends even MORE, 10 year reunion (don't remind me!), weekend getaways with the best people in the world!, first time ever in the Dominican Republic!
  • April/May/June: working on beautifying our backyard, planting tulips, multiple Home Depot and Garden Shoppe runs, planting trees and other flowers. We have planted over 30 species last year alone! Boy, the yard was empty. Atlantic City Trips
  • realizing that writing and publishing my books were my only focus besides family, responsibilities, and gardening was a freeing experience
  • helping out someone, only to let the outcome of the situation turn to crap because they suck: i.e. see crazy people posts.
  • cooking and baking different things!
  • my good friends having their baby!
  • celebrating successes

  • pursuing our dreams
  • realizing that people will "show their ass" if you're happy and they're not
  • realizing that some people will only care about you if you are miserable
  • wondering what to do about said people
  • taking time out for ourselves and our families
  • wanting to change our lives, getting rid of all negative energies.
Ya. That about sums it up for now!

love me
the globetrotting gamine

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