maybe i just put a little bit too much on my plate today...without even realizing that my car is now thawed out and i can go outside and brave this weather! i haven't been well enough to go out for DAYS! originally, i had planned to stay in and:

  • organize bills
  • stick them in filing cabinet
  • organize clothing drawers
  • organize scrapbook-y stuff
  • organize files of articles i'd like to blog about
  • organize travel journal (done!)
  • finish up keepsake box i'm working on
  • vaccum under the bed
  • lists, lists, lists
Now aside from all that, I *can* go shopping! for:
  • water
  • toilet paper
  • bounty
  • body wash
  • deodarant
  • book?
  • gel
  • etc.
And go to the bank, etc etc



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