We've all had them. If you don't think you have- you're either the luckiest person in the world or you're not aware of it yet. A frenemy:

  • will make you eat more if she knows you're dieting seriously...not if she's worried about your health.
  • someone who only calls you when THEY want something.
  • someone who only invites you out when they know you can't/don't want to go to a certain place
  • in the same respect, someone who invites you out only if they need a designated driver
  • she talks about you (nasty, uncalled for remarks!) behind your back.
  • is all about themselves
  • is interested a whole lot in your significant other, and not for YOUR well-being.
  • single white female, anyone?
Yipes. I have, thankfully ridded myself of these people. They weren't worth the effort or the time or kind word. I had tried time and again to be there and be respectful, only to get a cold shoulder at the end of the relationship. Truth is, I realized years later that these people were only doing the above things...and never being a friend.

So don't wait for New Year's to evaluate your relationships. It's hard at first, and you'll vent all the time for a few months...but eventually, you were better off without them.



  1. Those people are called "Crazymakers", I had one of those for 20yrs and finally decided I'd had quite enough and got my life back! Good for you!

  2. Doesn't that suck? I can't believe I am going through it right now...


heart to hearts...