Vacation Menu-Day 1 1/2

Dear Bloggie Friends:

How are you? I hope all is well in your world and then you are taking it easy, wherever you are.I am way behind on all sorts of posts, so I apologize in advanced if I am a bother. I feel that I have to get everything out of my head before I can actually start my day, which will be filled with crafting and shopping and other small errands. I will probably have even more to post after today, so get ready :)

Our first full day in Guatemala was filled with special moments...and special moments are usually shared when food and the like are involved... Here are some pictures of those kinds of moments:


*my breakfast: scrambled eggs, banana bread, tamale, and sweet plantains*

*choice of dipping stuff for tortilla*

*heaven-like tortilla*


*celebratory flan for LML's nameday. So delicious*

Day 2, coming soon!


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