To Travel- Breakfast

Dear bloggie friends-

You all live everywhere in the world and I envy you :) There is a lot of things that I discovered thus far this month but one of them is...

If you are on vacation- you're most likely going to eat breakfast.

I do not know why that is. For me, at least- when I am home I am most likely going to have my coffee and possibly a granola bar, but that's it. There are the days when I will get peckish and order an egg white sandwich from somewhere, or on the weekends...but on vacation? Geez- I have probably just gained weight from eating tamales, plantains and eggs in Guatemala, and bagels in Montreal.

Ah. Bagels with lox and cream cheese. Bagel Sandwiches. Egg Sandwiches...this is from one memorable breakfast :)

Thank goodness we had workouts to go through in Montreal.

Do you find that this happens to  you? What is it that you enjoy for breakfast? I know I could be the only crazy loon out there with this theory :)

Love, MG


  1. I do I do! This happens to me too! I usually don't take anything but coffee for breakfast until noon, but when we are on vacation, for some reason, just feel so hungry in the morning and just need to eat a lot! I'd been wonder about this for a while too.Why do you think it is?
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  2. I love brekky to so much more when I'm on holidays :-)


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