The Story of Puppy

Though I am not going to reveal his name at this time due to specific reasons (which I have come to realize I have a lot of reasons for everything I do and it's exhausting), I want to tell you the story of me and my best friend:

I have wanted a doggie my whole life. By way of my Mom- I grew up to be scared of all doggies because of hearing horror stories. I never knew that my whole family never had pets because they'd want them to live forever, too, until I was much older. Still- even though I was scared of them, I always wanted my own doggie.

I met one of my best friends when I was 9 years old. She had doggies. I was still scared of them even though she would force me to pet them and they would hop, wag their tale and woof. I thought this meant they were going to eat me...I've learned now that this meant they were excited.

Eventually, I meet LML's doggie. I get used to him, God Rest His Soul. We play and he gives me licks. So 20 some odd years later I get used to dogs and still want one BADLY.

During the days before our wedding, I found out that a friends bischon frische (spelling, please?) was having puppies, and asked LML what he thought. He said, let's wait until those puppies are born and then we'll see. Note: I hate it when LML says we'll see. Drives me batty.

On my birthday, a week or so before our church wedding, LML calls me to tell me he is going to be late coming back from work. A couple of hours later, he calls me up to tell me that he's on the way home and to close the door to our bedroom and not open it until he says so. LML comes home.

I hear a cage being put down on the floor. Uh-oh I think to myself- he got me a bird. I hate birds. Should I tell him I don't like the bird or pretend I love it and get used to it?

"Open the door!" LML shouts...
I open the door and running and tumbling towards me comes a big ball of white fluff. He jumps onto my lap, and gives me about 7 licks before i realize that LML brought home a puppy :)
I start to cry. Puppy starts to pee on our bedroom floor.

We adopted him on the same day he was put up for adoption and pup and LML fell in love. Literally.

Happy Birthday to me!!!
That's how we became a family.

How did your companion come into your life?


  1. That's so sweet! My heart melts at any doggie story. I bought my father-in-law a bichon/maltese cross for his 73rd?? (I think) birthday last year cause he was getting depressed, and she has turned his life around and given him more joy than I could ever have imagined. She (libby) is Patsy's best friend!
    My little Patsy came to me purely by chance. I found her when I had just given up looking for what I wanted after a very tiring day. She makes me smile all day every day - even when she's doing naughty things!
    Sorry for such a long answer!!
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh he is adorable! I would love a dog, I'm concerned about my bunnies, however. I have my little angora bunny, Madelaine, from adopting her from a rescue group, the bunny bunch. She was the best friend of my other bunny, Wooley. I have my Lionhead, Lyonn, from an abusive pet store situation in Beverly Hills (can you believe it?!) They are out of business now. They are my babies!

  3. I wanted to ask you, are Bichons quite expensive to have the hair clipped each month? A friend told me that Bichons may be gentle enough to accept a bunny... ;-) what do you think?


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