Last week, I came to quite a few realizations while I was away. I guess being away from everything in general gives you time to think. LML and I had lots of time to talk, and that's always nice...not that we don't talk at home, but it's always more lengthy when you're stuck on four plane rides across the country.

These are the realizations we came to:

*No one is successful without a struggle. If you haven't struggled, you better figure out why, stat.

*when people let things go to their head, they don't care about anyone except themselves.

*in order to be happy, you have to make yourself happy.

*you have to work to live, not live to work (copyrighted once again by ME :)

*if you purposely don't cook or clean or know how to, then how the hell are you going to survive and nurture?

*Family is always there. Some family members suck...but the good thing is that God/the Universe gives you friends that become family.

*Falsey friends won't always be there.

*I've had better enemies than most "friends", and once those "friends" left the picture, my life turned out just the way I wanted. Talk about bad energies...

*If you keep dreaming- eventually those dreams become realities :)

LML= my dream come true

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  1. Wow - you did have loads of time to talk and reflect :-)


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