Guatemalan Getaway

Dear Bloggie Friends:

I apologize if I left without warning. I accompanied LML to Guatemala and I had the best time of my life. There was so much to do and see...I know that we barely scratched the surface, so we are already planning our next trip back. How has everything been with you guys? I must admit that during siesta time, I found myself desperately wanting to blog and read other blogs...but there was never a spare moment :)

I am sure that I will drive your crazy talking about Guatemala, but it was so beautiful. We didn't know until we arrived there what it would be like (don't walk alone at night) or what we would see (Pacaya volcano's tiny eruption before our very eyes!). It was an adventure and a half, got a lot of things done, met wonderful people, and felt right at home. Did you know that Guatemala alone has 32 volcanoes? Here are pictures of some:

There is so much to share, but I have to upload all the pictures because I am obsessed!

Will blog soon, and thank you for stopping by! Drop me a line!


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  1. Wow - lucky you!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see your pics :-)


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