Weekdays Menu [picture heavy post!]

I know, I always do my weekend menu post. This week, since I am home and sick like a dog, I have a stay in-weekday menu...

So I took some pictures to share with you. On Monday night, after I met with my lovely lady blogger friend @ eatsgrass.blogspot.com, I picked up some sushi for LML to try.

He has yet to come with me to this place my dear friends have found- so I wanted to bring some home for him. We got to use our sushi sets (flatware?)...

That's the Halloween Roll from Bell Sushi. I'm sure I've blogged about it before, but isn't it beautiful?
 He loved it and now can't wait to go there :) My job is done.
Tuesday night I decided to make my baked chicken.

That's the chicken getting prepped to bathe in...

the eggs that I beat together with some spices. When I coated the chicken I dunked it in my special breadcrumb mix. I made it from scratch but you can use store-bought or mashed up corn flakes, if you like.

After I coated the chicken with the breadcrumbs, it looked like this:

LML said that the chicken was sublime :)
Score, again!
While I was waiting for the chicken to bake- this is what my assistant was doing:

Wish I could sleep like that. More on what I cooked/baked this week tomorrow! Pleasant dreams, bloggers!

Love me
the globetrotting gamine

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