Obsession Tuesday

I have a lot to say. I'm sure you've noticed...yet another one of my obsessions? Sex and the City!! I would LOVE, I pray, I wish and I would so brag if I ever got to go to the movie premiere! May 28, 2010...I would name my first child after the person who offers me this opportunity. I would need 4 tickets though- me, LML, my sister and my niece. Thankity thank you <3<3<3

Hope this link works for you, cute bloggie bloggers. I am going to take my sweet time wandering the page...after I get back from Starbucks and Target. Don't laugh, btw. I am confined to my house waiting for a package. So if you have any ideas of something fun and interesting for me to do or see while being stuck here, let me know! Puh-lease?

PS- I just heard something on the view that HAS to be true. When you're a creative person, it's harder to find your niche.

Get out of here, really? Duh...

Sex & the City

Hey, that's me and LML in 15 years!

Love, MG


  1. Don't listen to anything you hear on The View! Creatives like us know our niche!


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