Weekend Menu

What you see pictured above is heaven. Absolute Heaven. There are days upon days that I dream of it- the sweet tofu. Yum. Yum yum.
Again, LML and I trekked (drove!) to Minado, which has the best sushi buffet ever. It is the ultimate in any sushi I have had thus far, give or take specific rolls at specific places. I have yet to try a different place for the new month rolling by, so if you are in the New York area or know of any outstanding sushi place, please let me know!
Above pictured is that plate that LML fixes for us when we get to the buffet. Isn't he wonderful? MMMM variety sushi...And the picture below? A roll that I cannot have due to lactose intolerance!! Sigh...
Please notice above some of the array of sweet tofu and other a la carte pieces. I tried to squeeze in to the photo pictures of sushi rolls, but my camera can only contain so much beauty!

And that is what we ate on Saturday. Sunday, however:
All above photos are taken at our neighborhood Pizzeria Uno's, which we had a coupon for so we used it. We also entrapped a certain special someone to come out with us and eat as a break from her tedious studying! The first photo is my [healthy] dish of herb crusted chicken, with whole grain rice, craisins and vegetable. The Chicken Spinnocolli (sp) with Penne for LML, and the Eggplant and Feta individual pizza for my 'client' (stop laughing!) Ms. New Jersey, United States.

Much Love,
the globetrotting gamine


  1. Stunning photos. Now I'm insanely hungry! I love sushi :-)

  2. I'm so hungry, I started to cook!


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