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I love to write. Quite literally, I dream about writing. My dreams could be the makings of a horror greater than anything Stephen King has written, and I do not mean to toot my own horn. Or maybe I am in the mood that I do, so...

Toot, toot. I am at the point where I do not care what other people think about my writing, I just want it out there. The words will literally consume me if they are not out on paper (or on the computer screen). I have thousands of ideas swirling in smoky clouds above my head. If the two that are complete don't get published, then the rest cannot make their way into the [completed] world. So, we will publish.

We will pubish, LML says. Do it the way we originally spoke about, LML said. And maybe he is right. He usually is. I would rather get it out there then keep it locked up in the confines of my bitty-brain. It can only hold so much.

My pre-New Years Resolution is to publish. And I'm on it. I can see the cover hugging the pages clearly in my head. Stick with what you know, LML says. Don't do anything else except what you know. Sometimes it's easier said than done.

Once what I know comes out on paper for the world to see, I'll feel better. And in the meantime, I will allow LML to sleep.

the globetrotting gamine

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