A good writer, an optimistic person usually pulls inspiration from anywhere. They can find it in anything: a beautiful day outside, the laughter of a child as they run like a maniac outside...just because they can. The smells of sweets being baked, frosting a cupcake, pretty things, a roaring fire to keep warm with a cup of marshmallow-y hot chocolate in hand...
I hold a notebook around with me, and usually jot everything down. Things to do, see, eat, cook, read. Inspirational words, stories, books to read. People to research. One of my favorite people to look to for inspiration (not a family member) is Susan Branch.
In a letter from a friend I had received years and years ago, she mentioned that she loved her cookbooks. I was just about to get married, so I figured that picking up a cookbook would be an excellent idea. Susan Branch's work is COMPLETELY inspirational. The intricate, happy drawings, the font used, and her life story jump out at you from the pages. It's as if it takes you to a land far, far away (i.e. Martha's Vineyard, another place to visit on my bucket list :)
One should really pick her Autumn book up- it's my favorite with the Christmas book coming in as a close second. I will get to work in the next couple of weeks (after I get some of my to-do list done) transforming my house into a winter wonderland. Hopefully, by then, I will have my camera back to use it!!! I'm going stir crazy without it...
In the Autumn book, she mentions a poem printed on the first few pages which fit the past weekend's description well. It was beautiful, and the weather was just brisk enough to make one feel like they can conquer the world. And boy, do I want to!
I love weekend's away in the country. I'm a cross between a city girl and a country bumpkin myself. I don't think I'll ever find a happy medium (suburbia? Creepy...)

So, here's to hoping that you all get to enjoy the weather this weekend! Bake a pie (eat a pie! God, I love pie...), kick some leaves, press the pretty ones into a book to frame them later <3 Visit a neighbouring vineyard if you can, or get a yummy glass of wine to enjoy with dinner (if you're indeed over 21, please! and Don't, DON'T! drink and drive)

More v.,v. soon!

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