Please behold what this morning looks like for me. I have to finish 3 craft projects...send out letters to publishers and magazines...find out about patenting for the brand I am trying to have out before February 2010...run to the bookstore...
Well, I won't bore you with details, but that's just the frosting on the cake :)
My little house is cluttered with my to do lists! I have 7 pages worth of 12 items each (which is the way this notepad is- how it came to me I have no idea. I DO know, however, that I have had it in my possession for about 4 years, and I am still using it. Go, me.)
So, before I fill out my agenda book of the goings on of last week and this week...I'll fill the cyberworld in :) Thursday, LML and I took off for the city, where I tried to pursue my harassment case, but it was too late. This week, I'm going to file for a hearing between me, the perp, and the department we all work for. I still don't have results from a year ago, and the only thing that came out of me visiting a government agency last week is to pursue, pursue, pursue. It should be a life tip.

Another good thing that came out of us trekking down there was visiting Wall Street! LML always thought he would work there, but life throws us around to different ventures. He thought it would be fun if I would see it and it was! We had a great day...we purchased smoothies and falafels from street vendors, ran up and down Canal Street and Broadway, had fun watching the tourists, and saw Mischa Barton. Her little dog ran right up to me as she kept walking. He also took me to see the FireHouse from Ghostbusters (squee!) and I had to force him to take a picture of me in front of it...he's such a camera-phobe. So funny.

Friday night, we ordered in, slept early. Saturday, we went to Pizzeria Uno's and pretty much came home right after that. Then, YESTERDAY...was our adventure to some outlets, a steakhouse (my first time ever in a steakhouse!), and we went to a farm out in Long Island to play with some pumpkins and take a hay ride :) LML loves hayrides. A giant bug had landed on his collar, which no one was happy about...because as I flicked it off of him, it landed on a small boy across the wagon. I warned the family of the boy, who flicked the bug off of him and then it landed by our feet. No time to react before LML made a satisfying crunch with his shoe. Ick.

It was not a normal bug. The size of my thumb, brown and crunchy? Ew.
Have a wonderful, toasty week!

More soon- it's going to be another long day!

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