Before I run off to do my 100 errands today, I have a gripe. Sometimes I feel better afterwards, so here we go...

This weekend I wanted to go out with my two closest friends for dinner. To celebrate my birthday that's on Tuesday. I don't want to bother anyone because they work, so thus my reasoning...

I have known these people for 24 years, and about 7 years. And Saturday. SATURDAY, they have plans to go to this other friend of THEIRS husbands birthday. Why does this bother me, you ask? Here we go:

I went to elementary school with this girl. I didn't remember her much before my BFF returned from vacation one summer and told me about her. I still didn't remember her- anyway. A little over a year ago she started hanging out with them a lot and she would barely make small talk with me. At a party, she asked me if a purse I had had with me was real.

Of course it is, I said. Then she might as well had scoffed before she turned her back on me...


Please note right about here that I could sniff out a bad egg from miles away. I warn people years in advance all the time only to have them not listen and then things bite them in the ass. Moving on...

A few months after that occurence, there's another party. I'm talking to her and trying to be nice and she's got this miserable look on her face. Alrighty! So I work the room, talking to everyone and such. Eventually, the cameras come out and everyone's taking pictures- and LML snaps a few of me and BFFs. This girl has a LOOK on her face. Like a disgusted LOOK.

That night, LML tells me that he was invited by this chick's husband, who's a wonderful guy, to a party at their place. It was a guys night. A week later I find out that BFFs have been invited via e-mail and phone as well.

Do you see where this is going?

Eventually, months later, I send her an e-mail that I really don't want to 'interfere' with her plans, obviously, as to I don't even want to see her near me. She responds by saying things like, how can you have OUR best friends make a choice between us?

First of all, I saw you for the first time a year and a half ago. You hang off my friend's ass, and they don't even consider you THEIR best friend because you drink too much when you're out and act like ebonics is the only language you know...and you're from Europe. Almost 30. Get over it.

A few months later, she writes on a status that 'tonight, the shi*'s gonna hit the fan' seconds before she asks a BFF if I am ALLOWED to go out without LML, since we're always together.

Other things: she keeps telling BFFs that they HAVE to go into business together, makes plans to go out at 1 am without her husband to party hearty all night... BFFs laugh about both things: why would we want to go into business with her when she has no idea what she's doing with her life, they say?

Yet, no one heeds my warnings. Am I hallucinating this bad egg?


  1. Seems like drama to me. Best I can say is tell your BFF's that you are a little hurt they don't want to go with you, and then have a ton of fun anyway. Letting this get to you is only hurting you and giving this person a feeding on your chi. Take a few calming breaths and find a way to refocus your energy away from the person and onto yourself and your goals. Not only will you feel better but you will thwart them in the process. =)

    oh and early happy uterus liberation day!

  2. You're right. My chi is in massive need of rehab and I have no idea how to go about it, for the most part.

    I do enjoy thwarting the chaos :)

    You're wonderful and I hope you have a wonderful week <3<3

    Happy Uterus Liberation Day!

  3. I found this nice shower your cares away meditation ( http://witchery.wordpress.com/2008/02/11/shower-your-cares-away/ ) . It works for me to help build up my energy for the day so maybe it will help you =).

    oh and I meant happy birthday by the uterus liberation day, so happy birthday!!

    (also, if you feel you need it, there is a decent banish slander and gossip spell on that site in the spellwork catagory =)


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