life: twisty turny, part 1

it's no joke that october is always a crazy month for me.
it really, truly is.

after a wonderful bout of illness, antibiotics and medicine, i have [finally] gotten back to my old self!

first off, i've been booking appointments to doctors. all kinds. ugh. moving on.


  • my book was released October 8th. Here's the facebook link here...it's been listed on 
  1. amazon.com
  2. arcadiapublishing.com
  3. barnesandnoble.com
(the links should take you exactly to my book!)

  • i'm doing a wholesale quote on 50 of my books if anyone wants to purchase them! e-mail me at whosthatgamine@gmail.com for details.
  • i've booked author signings! another huge milestone for me- please check my facebook page for details.
  • one of the most exciting things about this month is that we've celebrated our 12 years and one month dating anniversary/church-wedding anniversary. 
  • in december, we celebrate the fact that we got married 3 times before we turned 25! we like to think that it's a huge milestone and to celebrate again...
  • we're going away at some point in december! that means some more crazy adventures with my soulmate.
  • then, there's halloween based fun. isn't that enough?
  • my 'book launch' is this weekend.
  • we are shipping some book packages off to family and friends in Greece.
  • i've been working on my other book ventures- children's books, fictional novels and historical/pictorials. basically, i'm working on my empire around the clock.
there are so many celebrations to be had, and so many things to do before we bring in 2013. I will definitely be posting and hope that you'll follow my craziness. 

you're all awesome :)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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