lazy summer days

there has been plenty going on in my world as of late. bulletting everything wouldn't even begin to be enough. let's start off with the super duper fun things i can remember.

in my world, summer means this:
 wine with friends. everywhere. beer with friends. everywhere. party party.

 planning future...plans. designs. events. publicities. ah, same old adventurous things that i'm in love with.

writing- and researching EVERYTHING! I have almost read an entire-library full of books this year...actually, two libraries. I'm moving in on the third library and am researching a fellowship i'd like to do. this and my upcoming book(s)- making me happy.


writing- the lists, the manuscripts, the notes. i'm writing it all and i have every facet available to me to do so. my house often looks like a school's study hall without the students and bad smell. i've discovered about myself this year that when i'm writing, i'm much more likely to do it swiftly with a pen in my hand rather than type it out. this has kept me motivated.

that and my haters.

there are so many good things going on around me that it's overwhelming to take in. i am thankful for so much all year round, but especially in the summer time. for me, a lot of reflection and friend-seeing goes on at this time of year. also, vacations and movie-watching (if you've been reading along ;) )

one of my beautiful friends is actually reading one of my books as we speak- and i am waiting to receive one of them back from a publisher. these past two years have been quite a whirlwind for me (and quite a few people around me) and it's all been for the better. i love karma and trust in God and the universe now more than ever.

more than my dreams have come true. i am so blessed.

and thankful thankful thankful.

more soon, and keep cool ;)

~the globetrotting gamine

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