hi-it's me again :)

(shot by little old me 2010)
i have a lot of things floating around in my head, so please, please don't judge me based on this post.

or at all, thank you very much! lol

let's start off with what i was watching on tv last night. know that i was falling asleep-- i have no channel it was on but it was something about SETI making contact with an E-T life form. i have to say this....

if *i* was an alien, knowing what i know about this world even JUST AS A HUMAN!, i would not plan to abduct such a race of control freak minded, power-struggler weenies. i would probably want to be left alone.

most likely, i would leave you alone and try to bide my time on a beach in maui, but again- that's me.

thank you for letting me tell you that, i had to get it off my chest. must have had a nightmare or something.

oh, other stuff in my head: travelling. reading. my research. my blog. the future of my blog.

question: should i continue on the way i have been, most honestly and regardless of critics? shall i warp this blog into something more 'professional' and therefore not me at all?

so many questions.

presently, i am simplifying my life and minimizing the clutter in my house. i wanted to say hi and inform you that me and my assistant are well-- right now, he is resting peacefully on my legs while i type this.

i am desperately craving coffee. i am desperately craving for the day that i submit this project and can get on with...other plans.

well, if you know me, you know what's going on. and if you don't, i tell you when you e-mail me- so thank you :)

how about this weather we've been having? i think it's awesome, and the cherry blossom trees around the corner have started to bloom. it's phenomenal. i love it!
of course, this has no affect on pup who has not moved since i've begun to type.

and typing i must do--back to it i go.

happy wednesday, dear ones :))

love love loveee

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