things i believe:

Hello! Thank you for coming by and joining me...and the pup! Today, I will be pointing out things I believe should be existing in the educational system of New York. Tell me if I'm wrong.

  • I believe that all educators should know how to spell perfectly...I'm not talking about the occassional typo.
  • I believe that teachers OF ALL PEOPLE should know how to use the words: your, you're, yore where appropriate. Because really- holy crap.
  • I believe that all educators, especially Principals, should go through at least 12 sessions with a mental health professional and only receive a license to do their job pending the fact that they are SANE and not crazy.
  • I believe that a teacher should never try to pull a power trip on another teacher or educator.
  • I believe that a teacher should NEVER try to pull a power trip on students. You're there to educate, you idiots.
  • I believe that if one educator puts another one down constantly, that the state should be summoned to investigate both sides equally.
  • The fact the above doesn't happen is because the state usually doesn't care about the whole story.
  • I believe that people who aren't and have never been educators should not be running the educational systems ANYWHERE and that most of are taxes should go towards education and medical care.
who's with me?

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