something in the air...

family 2008
family 2008-n-family now- we changed quite a bit!
nothing changes but everything changes :)
no- i'm not wearing makeup. you noticed correctly.

there is something about
getting ready for the holidays
that can't be beat.

we don't feel the same way about christmas morning
the way we used to as little children
waiting for santa to magically leave you
a giftie under the tree...
or in your stocking.

now, for most of the people i've grown up with
a lot of us have our own children,
or dote on our nieces and nephews...
we live for watching their eyes light up,
and watching them squeal with delight
at a new toy that they really, really wanted...

of course, as we get older--
us without the children
have to endure hours of 'why me?' conversations
and arguments of ' why aren't you putting more on your plate?'

but in the midst of all that-
through the drama, and the card writing,
friends we love, and others we'll never see again...

through the sights of Christmas movies,

we'll always remember family.

merry christmas eve <3
do good.

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