update:: another book published

seek happiness
is the title i chose for this t-shirt
that i 'created'
with an actual illustration
from my first book

i know you had questions for me,
so here goes:

  • i've self-published all three of my books on lulu.com
  • i have about 14 manuscripts that i am working on
  • i also write poetry
  • photography is a vice to me, and it runs in my blood. Thank you, Grandpa <3
  • i would love to have more time to draw
  • i have three facebook pages--'Where Did All the Cookies Go?', A Coincidence Away and my new big project (e-mail me for information at whosthatgamine@gmail.com)
  • i love THIS VERY blog like you have no idea
  • i am constantly querying agents and would love to get signed by someone really cool!
  • if anything, my books are very different. if you would like to read a couple of chapters of 'A Coincidence Away', please e-mail me with the word Coincidence in the subject line and your blog/name in the body of e-mail.
if you have any more comments or questions for me, please let me know!

warmest regards,
the globetrotting gamine

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