good morning

good morning, my friends.
i am the pup behind the scenes.
i belong to the globetrotting gamine...
or rather,
she belongs to me.

we thank you so much
for being our friends
and we love hearing from all of you...
and for the record,
i enjoy peanut butter treats.

so today,
while my Mom is travelling around
to places resembling this
for photo shoots and writing inspirations--
i chose to share with you
this post.

i am incredibly busy--
appointments, visiting people,
inspiring Mommy in so many ways
for so many different things-
but we think and are thankful for you most often.

sometimes i wish i had time...
to man...or pup...
my own facebook pages-
but alas, there is no time

so you can find my professional page

i am so thankful that we've reached over 100 fans
and that our readers love me--

i hope you enjoy your holidays
and have a warm toasty family
that gives you peanut butter treats...
when you need 'em!

vasi the pup

psst- my mom shot these on location at oheka castle... i shot the one of me after i woke up. just trying to keep it real!

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