in 1692

(above are photos of the burial sites of some persecuted,
and the area where they were condemned in Salem)

in 1692
(excerpts taken from Salem Brochure, 2011 guide and map)

"in 1692, Salem and Colonial New England were gripped by a hysteria that captured the world's attention and now symbolizes the tragic consequences of intolerance and injustice. A few girls accused hundreds of witchcraft--of persecuting them, causing bodily harm and pain. The legal system of the time, which allowed spectral evidence, made it impossible for the accused to defend themselves against innuendo, fear, and a rush to judgement. Over the course of ten months, friends were pitted against friends, upright citizens ostracized and twenty innocent men and women were put to death...
"A fear gripped Salem in 1692 that was so powerful it led to accusations and condemnations. This chapter of history s so significant it is taught in schools around the world. To learn more about the Salem Witch Trials, visit Salem.org
For information on the Salem Award for Social Justice, an organization that keeps alive the lessons of the Trials of 1692 visit www.SalemAward.org"

Visiting Salem taught me a lot of things that i was fortunate enough to see--the way people are liable to go along with one person's hysteria is disgusting. When are we going to follow the teaching, let he who is without sin cast the first stone?

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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