i love..love...love

i love traveling.
i love food shopping.
i love cupcakes.
i love sushi.
i love finding clothes i need in my size!

i love getting magazines in the mail!
i love that my roses have finally bloomed.
i love libraries and scrapbooking
i love that my favorite bookstore has a starbucks and everyone knows me by name.
i love coffee.

i love tea.

i love travel!
(did i say that already?)

i love learning new things
i love that people have purchased my books :)

i love how soft my puppy is, especially now that he got his hair cut! smoooooth
i love smoothie and juice places.
i love the kind diet and the happiess project

i love blogging!
i love pasta...mmmm

i love making my own wraps
and going to the vineyards

i love drinking wine
wherever and whenever
i love watching scary  movies
at night.

i love pedicures..
i love spa days!

i love writing
and reading
and drawing!

i love squishy hugs from my family
and especially from LML

i love when puppy woofs the sound of the words 'i love you'
i love the words 'i love you'.

pink, yellow.
sunflowers, tulips, roses
botanical gardens
new places to eat and get coffee
new notebooks, to write down my ideas <3

great purses, and cute shoes
only when i find a good deal...
i love being organized and everything organized...

i love helping people clear out and organize their clutter
i love hookahs, dancing, greek dancing

i love the fact that i was almost a black belt in tae kwon do!

i love falling asleep on the couch when it's raining outside
and i love guacamole.

i love beer...and mojitos...mmmm

i love pictures and taking them in general, because it's in my blood
i love how i never run out of stories and ideas

i love to be happy...
and i love when my hair is perfect!!
curls are really hard to manage, you know.

i love neon nailpolish...because why should nails look "serious and responsible"?

i love post its and gel pens
stationery and all books by sophie kinsella...

i love stories and tv shows and movies about ghosts
i love that i used to want to be a ghost hunter...but would rather not now.

i love the culure of halloween, but not the blood and gore. i'm sorry...
i love when it's crisp outside and you feel like you can sleep in all day...

and so many other things i love that i'll forget to name

home videos, the sounds of christmas, smooching LML, letters in the mail and writing stories with my nephews.

i love how motivated my niece is...you go, girl!

i love free books! (ah, library)
and letters from agents who think i am good!!

i'd love for an agent to pick up my books...because i'm sure i have well over 50 ideas at this point.
i love history, and scuba diving.
i love horseback riding and that my first time was in a snowy wooded area during sunset.

i love so many blogs that i can't name them all! but they know who they are ;)
i love the street where i grew up and the high schools i attended

i love the beach and crystal blue waters and crawfish
my friends because...just because they're freaking amazing!

my mom, cuz she listens to me prattle on about books!
i love funny tv shows and 80s music and new york
oh, and traveling

and i think
i'd love to have enough money to do what i want with it and help so many others


love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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