happy father's day!

i want to wish you
a very happy father's day
filled with laughter, fun and in my case...
eventually a family bbq!

my daddy is quite awesome...
he's travelled the world...and had done so when he was very young.
when he came to america, he eventually through himself at my mama
and became a great businessman.

he was there at some of my plays
and he always laughs when i'm being loud
(i don't know why)

when he sent me to hawaii
(even though he didn't have to)
he told me to go and do what i want to do
as long as i know
that parasailing won't kill me.

he was right, because i don't want to ever do that again.

he makes incredibly yummy meals...
and shares my love of the cerveza called Presidente

he sounds like the Dad from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
though there's time when i can't really tell
where his accent comes from...

so happy father's day to my
wonderful daddy!
who had 3 daughters, 1 granddaughter and 2 grandsons

and can still pull together a mean bbq!!

i love you, daddy :)

love me!

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