today's stuff

as i sit here, i am wondering...
what have i gotten myself into?

my january list is unbelievable and i have not even scratched the surface!
remember these?:

the list goes as follows:

  • edit and complete all stories and novels
in the past 10 days, i've published two novels and am diligently working on my third that apparently has a mind of it's own.
  • illustrate children's stories (for my nephew)
so it's one down, and about 7 to go to illustrate. i purchased the supplies, but have not begun yet.
  • clean out the house of negative stuff
i did that monday through yesterday. i can honestly say that i have been writing and idea mapping all day long.
  • clean it out of un-necessary clutter
same as above
  • take all loose photos and put them in album
i did this yesterday- i found one album that was unused and filled it with loose photos and put it away in its place. however, there is a box of photos that i have yet to attack.
  • complete all scrapbooks, unfinished or untouched
and they will remain untouched until this book is finished.
  • print out what needs to get printed out on this computer
can't do that yet, and it's what i want to do the most!
  • delete un-needed files from computer
have to do that!
  • upload all photos into usb disc AND photo programs
ugh the list gets longer!
  • select photos to be printed
not yet
  • get them printed (and repeat above)
not yet
  • finish reading all books left before i buy or pick up a new one
have them in a pile but have not tackled yet.
  • call church to pick up clothes for donation
that's a pile that just gets bigger
  • go through and complete everything on my to-do list, which has come down considerably in the last two days. I am VERY excited about this.
it's coming down slowly but surely!
  • send out those packages!
  • make those appointments (snow keeps stopping me from doing this)
  • start book club
triple ugh! maybe at the end of the month!
  • organize all files/bills
i think i'm hitting the office tomorrow
  • make a list of places from here to long island i'd like to see
i did that AND blogged it, but have new items to add!
  • make my new years resolutions

 p-shaw! maybe i can finish the book first!
seriously, this is what my office looks like:
that's a close up of my desk. i need to put up that photo in a frame and bring down that pile to the left of the photo. it's a hot mess. in there is some scrapbooks of sorts and stuff i need to scrapbook with, as well as the templates i'll be using to illustrate my next children's book.

ah, wide view of the office. let's start with the posters to the left of the desk...
they will be getting put on a bulletin board when i get to it.
then, on my chair there, is the other pile of stuff i will be working on.
that's 3 scrapbooks, a book i am interested in writing and publishing that's pretty much done,
and magazines to read.

to the right of my desk? that's the cabinet that i'm working on crafting. it's not completely done yet.
it's on my list of things to finish.
those 2 bags in the bottom half of it have items to BLOG! in it.
that's a crap-load of information about travel and if anything-
i'd like to share various kinds of information i find interesting
that may help you guys out a little.

i like to weed out magazines and save the interesting stuff!

after i'm done with this editing and publishing book, i have no idea where to begin.

(and thanks to all who listened to me vent <3)


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  2. I'm still working on even getting a desk in here. I moved in June/July and haven't gotten a desk that fits (although I think a computer armoire that I can shut up is more what I need).

    I saw your list about clearing out negative stuff and I finally went around the house and cleaned all the things that were making me mad as well, namely the picture frames that had smoke residue from when I lived with my ex. When my boyfriend came home I was mid-cleaning with pictures, windex, and dirty paper towels everywhere, but I feel better. Thanks for the idea. :)

  3. That's a lot of stuff to get done! Always nice to meet a fellow food lover.

    I'm a new follower from Social Parade! :) I'd love for you to follow me back.

    The Nourishing Homemaker

  4. Wow, you have indeed a lot of stuff, but I think you can do a little each day. :) I am your new follower. You can follow me back at http://showmemama.com. Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

    Have a great weekend

  5. Oh my, quite a list! I refuse to write a monthly list; my daily lists are hard enough to get through (if I even do..:-)


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