sushi village rocks :)

it was august when LML and I walked into sushi village.
we were always wary of the place that looks like a little japanese hut...it had switched owners so many time in the last 25 years, it's uncanny.

so when a dear friend told us to venture there over the summer, we were skeptical and said...
that we would go with him :)

we are so happy we did!
upon arriving, we realize that it's an untraditional sushi buffet...

we get these when seated...
we get to order as much as we want,
as long as we eat it? sure....

this is what the end result looks like.

of course, there's a kitchen menu that serves up spicy seaweed salad (which you must try),
different sorts of tempuras and soups,
salads and desserts...

must try if you're in queens.

thanks for introducing us to this place, jason!


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