when life hands you lemons...

(shot by me, 2010)

this year was a little lemon-y...i'll explain :)

there were a lot of "friends" who just weren't.
thankfully, some of those friends disappeared by themselves:
i guess they got tired of competing with no apparent reason
except their own mind?
i really don't care how you perceive yourself as long as you're happy.
but if you keep telling everyone what you own and have acquire-
you're not only proud...
you're sad and gluttonous.

get over yourselves.

then, there were a lot of "friends" who manipulated
every situation to make it about themselves,
or "friends" who have absolutely zero respect for you
and will call you names and say things about you
behind your back.

i got tired.

once one friend "disappeared", i'll admit i was confused.
but then i realized: I WAS RELIEVED!

no more wise-ass comments about how much better
her life is than mine...
i never asked her!

so i underwent an awakening.


more than a handful of people were deleted off of
facebook, out of my life...
and it felt good! Once I did that, my life spun on
its axis and improved more than tenfold!

these people were toxic, nasty, manipulative.
i was pulling away from people who were happy
had similar interests,
and actually cared!

collectively we realized
that the toxic people
were keeping us apart with good reason...

so much in common-
i can honestly say i have never had a group of friends
with such compassion, caring, nurturing feelings
who've busted their ass to achieve what they have
and accept me/us no matter what.

these people kick ass in every way possible-
and would kick my ass if i deserve it :)
and i thank God for them everyday.
i am incredibly lucky.
even more so now than ever before!

i think of the people who tried to stop us
from doing so many things we wanted
or the people who tried to put us down
(since they were really down themselves)
and say...

i AM happy
i am FREE.

so thanks for being weenies-
hope your lives are great!
please stay out of mine :)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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