what i want for christmas

  • no full moons or total eclipses the week of. grr.
  • snuggles and hugs from LML
  • for small pup/ my assistant to wake up and be a little more active. he's not into this season much this year, either
  • people to live and learn and grow up. GROW UP!! geez, already.
  • on a happier note, more fun bloggie friends
  • more fun days with my friends whom I and we have shared much with this year
  • scan the pictures for my childrens book and then self publish
  • go over large manuscript one more time and self publish. note: may have to go back to coffee or redbull for just one day. ew.
oh yeah, have i mentioned that i gave up coffee a few weeks ago? contrary to popular belief, it was quite easy for me to do. especially since at the time, there was not good coffee around to change my mind.
LML has stopped with the coffee, too, so far as i know.

moving on.

  • just self publish.
that is all.

what do you want for christmas?

love me,
the globetrotting gamine


  1. I just want to sleep in...just once. Oh yeah and for someone to please leave me the last bite of cheese.

    Lucy is out for a little hopping. Hope you'll come by when you get a chance. http://closertolucy@gmail.com


  2. Hello! Thanks for linking up at Traveling Through Thursday! I am now following your lovely blog! Have a very merry christmas! ~Heather www.livingonloveandcents.blogspot.com

  3. I would love for all the medical bills to be paid! Also not into the holiday spirit this year.

    Stopping over from Chalkboards to Strollers!

  4. Hi!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!

    I am now following you. Please follow me if you haven't already done so!!

    Be sure to come by on Sunday for the Meet Me On Monday Blog Hop!

    Merry Christmas!!


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