new years resolutions?

i am not sure if i enjoy being snowed in. we got hit with a massive blizzard.
pros: we have lots o'food...especially my assistant, pup.
cons: we might get cabin fever and kill each other if we see each other for another two days :)

does this ever happen to you? please note that i love to spend time and snuggle with LML but i think he goes stir crazy being at home.

i don't. my best ideas are obviously born at home.

this week is going to be spectacular, other than the snow.
 (note: puppy hates snow. he will not go outside, he will not go near an open door if there is snow outside of it.)

i have so much to do and i know that right now, to think about it would be a little much...can't go anywhere since new york and new jersey is in a state of emergency.

so today, we're going to stay in, cook, eat and watch movies.


what are you up to?

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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