december menu item!

someone remind me that I will be making a broccoli and feta frittata!!

i found the recipe in all you magazine. It's freaking awesome! (that magazine and the recipe)

it's worth me risking my lactose intolerance and taking my dairy pills!!

Prep: 5 min.
Cook: 18 min.
Serves: 4

1 tbs. unsalted butter
1/2 onion, finely diced
2 cups chopped broccoli florets
salt and pepper
7 large eggs
3 oz. good feta, crumbled.

in 8 inch oven proof pan, melt butter over medium heat. throw in onions and wait til they become translucent.
toss in broccoli, salt, and pepper.

preheat boiler to high and set and oven rack nearby. throw together your 7 now-whisked eggs. Pour over veggies, stir to combine and then crumble feta on top...I WOULD THROW IT IN THERE TOO!!

Broil two to three minutes. Keep your eye on it!

cut into wedges and serve at room temperature.

mm mmmmm mmmmm!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine who can't wait to make this bad boy!


  1. It would be a lot healthier if you used more egg whites and fewer yellows. Try it.


    May we share links?

  2. I'd love to share links :)
    You're definitely right about the egg whites- if I am not using farm fresh eggs, it is definitely the way to go.

    Can't wait to check out your site!
    Thank you for stopping by <3


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