happy october!!

dear lovely bloggers:

i'm sorry i have been MIA a while. it seems the after-affects of the tornado have thrown me through a loop. how are you all doing?

after a long week of almost- getting sick and a lot of drama...i am waiting for a lot of things: projects, books, letters, packages and i can't seem to get my mind off of what i really want...

a weekend away. sounds great, right?

then, another tornado blows in.

BLAAAAAHHH to you tornado!

BLAHHHHHh to keeping me awake since 4am!

Needless to say, pup did and has been sleeping like a baby ever since. The one pup i've ever known to not be afraid of the forces of mother nature.

Just outstanding.

my most favorite thing right now...in the whole world??


OCTOBER means:

  • pumpking picking
  • apple picking
  • pies of the aforementioned sort :)
  • coffee and hot chocolate (ok, so it's all year round, but still)
  • more wine tasting!
  • apple cider!
  • haunted houses
  • scary movies
  • creepy books
  • a fireplace roaring
  • hayrides
  • crispy leaves underfoot

here's proof:

as always, all photos posted by me unless otherwise noted. i'd rather my blog be original to the core, and not just all copy-catty like you may have seen...that's no fun!

have a wonderful october first~ please share your harvest season to do list with me!! if you'd like, i'll post them <3

much love,
globetrotting gamine

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