Kriegs Bakery

Hello yumminess. If you've never been to Kriegs Bakery
(39 W Montauk Hwy
Hampton Bays, NY 11946
(631) 728-6524)

then you need to go there NOW!

I have to admit, there were a LOT of places we've hit
for the first time this year. Bakeries as well as countries,
islands, and restaurants...

but Krieg's is something special.
It's tiny, intimate setting
doesn't even begin to give you
a hint for the yummy purchase you will make.

We have never tasted such delectables...
they really make Dunkin Donuts and
all else we've sampled thus far
pale in comparison.

The first time we tried the gooey wonders
of Kriegs...
inspired us to go out and explore more
of Long Island.

Please hit them up. Order some. Have them shipped..

bring them home! to the vineyards! bring them somewhere!!

(we obviously traveled with them to the vineyards.)
Here's LML sampling his first-ever Kriegs Boston Kreme!

and there's me and my girlies feeling the after-effects of yumminess!

Go there. You'll love it :)

Love me,
the Globetrotting Gamine

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