dream sequence continues

i don't know why i have been having such whacky dreams...get this:

2 nights ago, i dream that i see LML as a child again. we are obviously friends, and are hanging out with a LOT of other children. he then tells me that we're at Kings Orphanage. i ask him why we're at an orphanage if we're supposed to be about 30 years old and he says nothing except that he has to escape. so we do, for a time...by hopping on a fire truck! I am hanging on the top and he is dangling off the side of the truck as it goes careening down a long and windy road...

and then stops at a beach where the other little kids are. the fire truck knew we tried to escape on it and drops us off to the event scheduled for that day. so we find our friends...a boy and a girl i don't think i know now...and try to plan our escape again.

(i look up kings orphanage, and there IS one. in MEXICO. was it a calling?? what's your opinion??)


i am on a huge ship with my husband. it's cigars under the stars night, but his cell phone goes off. it is not yet dark out.
it's a business client from arizona. they are talking about a lot of stuff when i notice that the moon has come up...and there is another planet next to it. suddenly, a man in a hoverboard...A LA Back to the Future...floats on by and tells us to secure a blanket and chair for the event before they are all gone. i then notice that there are a *lot* of people on hoverboards, even though we are at sea.

i eat about 5 hours or more before i go to bed, so it's not what i've eaten.

oh please, i need some bloggie friends opinions on what's going on in my head!!

love me!
the globetrotting gamine

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