dream a little dream

after a weekend of vineyards
food and fun...

and no tv at all!...

i have a dream that i time travelled back to 1992.
1992? i have no idea. all of a sudden, my hair was half up, half down...
i was wearing dark lipstick
a long black skirt
and a poofy jacket...

i was not 11 like i was back in 1992...
i was 28. my age now.
so i walk into this place...i think it was a church and there was a ceremony of some sort going on...
and i sit at a back pew and begin to look around.

everyone's garbed out in 90s gear, so clearly i am not insane...
and a few rows down i see a very familiar woman with two very familiar kids.
a son and a daughter.
i take a better look at the boy...and realize that he is my husband. and he's 12.

and the woman sitting there notices i am staring at her son...
and gets up and comes right over to me.
claims i look familiar, and i try not to tell her anything.
she swears she's seen me somewhere before...i tell her i live nearby.

i did anyway. 11 year old me did.

after much pestering, she notices that her son is also staring at me.
and she wonders out loud why her son seems to be so taken with me...
so i have to tell her...

"fine. in 2010, your son is my husband."

"very funny. my son has an addiction to back to the future. did he put you up to this?"

"no. there is no delorean outside. just me and i have no idea how i got here!"


"he did put you up to this, didn't he?"

at which point, he comes sauntering over to me, and starts complaining about school...
and all of a sudden, i am outside of the building, being driven away by a girl behind the wheel of an odd-looking car.

that's enough of the time traveler's wife for me!


love me,
the globetrotting (now time-trotting!) gamine!

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