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Hi lovies! Hope you're having an amazing Friday. The weather here is a little crazy...the winds have ravaged our trees and much more, but overall, New Yorkers are getting through it. Luckily, we stayed home and had nothing crazy befall us. Odd, but true.
The only thing that happened to us is that our refrigerator light blew out. Hmph.

A day like today has me thinking about the two times we visited Baci Restaurant this summer. The decor in Baci was as cool as the weather is today and I am DYING to go back. LML and I are blessed to know amazing friends...who have the same issue we do.

They are foodies.

This might be a bad thing in the long run...but we're health-conscious foodies :)

This summer, we went to an amazing place called Baci! We loved it so much the first time, that we went back again a few weeks later. They are AMAZING, and have the friendliest waitstaff.

I think they need to come out with their own cookbooks. Here are some pictures from the first time we went...
From First to Last: Stuffed Clams, Mozzarella Patties, Chicken Parmagiana, and the Gnocchi...which me and LML split. SOOOO good. SOOOO filling.

I'm salivating just thinking about it.

LML and [flash hitting my face] me!

I should add, that of course we went on the hunt for coffee later...wound up at Dunkin Donuts after midnight, and smoked cigars 'til the wee hours of morning.

Ah. Summer.

Definitely hit up Baci when you can. Go hungry.
2 thumbs up...and two toes, too :)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine
Evidence we were happy after all the food:

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