extreme exhaustion

unfortunately, my Grandma has not gotten too much better. I have been moody and my parents think i am depressed cuz i'm not my usual self...how can i be? so i made LML promise to keep me extremely busy until i come back to normal. every weekend of the summer has clearly been an example.

last weekend...was crazy! we...
visited Grimaldi's Pizzeria (pictures will be posted in menu posts), had cigars and shot pool, then went to Trotta for a glass of wine, and ended the night at Sullivan's Bar to have some beer.
Note: Drama.
Note: I had 10 mosquito bites. On each of my feet. That makes 20 :(

Those are 3 of my favorite guys in the picture above!

That was Friday Night.



The guy in the background holding the mic?

George Lamond, baby! If you were around in the 90s and listened to freestyle, then you definitely have heard his songs. We saw him live in Brooklyn on Saturday night after we visited a wine bar called Fino's on Bell Blvd. in Queens. So much fun!

PS- I tried to take pictures with Manhattan in the background, but it didn't come out! Here is an example:

Between Friday and Saturday we had maybe for hours of sleep.


Sunday morning we ran some errands, then....OFF TO MOHEGAN SUN, CONNECTICUT!
It was our friends first time there- it was so much fun! We played the slots, had some lunch, and ended the night with...more wine.

Man, we drink a lot of wine.

that was the bar atmosphere we drank our wine in!

hey, there's the wine!

a shot of the casino...before my camera batteries died.


What have you guys been doing all summer?!

Love me,
The Globetrotting Gamine

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  1. Busy weekend! I wish I could remember to take pics during my travels around the neighborhood, but I'm getting better!!! Hope yiayia is okay. xoxo


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