may scrapbooking- part one

(this is a picture heavy post!)
(front cover and inside flap of my travel scrapbook)

on vacation, a very good friend of mine turned around and asked me how my scrapbooking is coming along.
me:  "scrapbooking? wow, i haven't done that in a while now!"
my friend: "what do you mean? you used to do it so much you got me started!"
me: "well, i used to have the occassional scrapbook party..."
my friend: "every month."
me: "yeah...wow, that's something i..."
my friend: "you know, there's a dollar store that has great scrapbooking stuff..."
me: "WHAT?"
my friend: "yeah, i've been making scrapbooks for my family. everything there is super cheap, like 5 times cheaper than it is at target!"
me: "WHAT?!"
my friend:  "ahaha, well, you'll just have to go and see it when we get back."

we got back last sunday. monday morning, after coffee with another near and dear and Mom in tow, we head out to find this wonderful place. after nearly getting lost...thank god for navigational systems... we find it!
and of course, my friend was right.
so i picked some things up:

$28 for all that. not kidding.

so please keep in mind the pictures of my scrapbook are a complete work in progress. i would love to start a scrapbooking community at least through this blog...where we could vent about the projects and give each other ideas...it'd be so fun!
here are what my pages look like so far. please note that i have had about 10 years of hardcore scrapbook stuff collecting.

now you've seen my mess :) i hope that you can help me with ideas. though i've been scrapbooking since i've been 8, i didn't know that what i was doing actually had a name until i was 16. i want to make this book fantastic!

please let me know if you scrapbook and how amazing your projects look!
any ideas and comments, as always, are greatly appreciated!!

much love,

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