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coming back from vacation inspires you.
it inspires you to be a better person, travel more...
clean the house, try new things...see your friends, spend time with the family...
to get rid of toxic influences in your life.

OH! speaking of...

did you hear about the one where the ex-best friend also starts congratulating family members about THEIR invisible babies?


are you serious?
now, not only am *i* the one who is pregnant, but so is a multitude of other people apparently.

ex-best friend blaming people for *me* attacking *her*.


even though, at the same time (and thankfully) it does make you want to laugh.

doesn't it?

travelling to bermuda and bermuda itself was beauuuuutiful. i will post pictures and stories soon.
today, i hit up a craft store, which i will also be blogging about tomorrow: since it seems like it's going to be a little slower than today.


my plan this week was to:
  • garden- must plant flowers!
  • send out letters
  • create mothers day scrapbook
  • post to you my scrapbook pages
  • answer all the questions you've been sending me, because you're wonderful!
  • tell you travel stories
  • personal trainer- finally!
  • create a travel scrapbook
  • update to-pack list
  • get doggie groomed
  • more grocery shopping
  • squeeze my doggie some more
  • finish my story
  • meet with publisher!
  • read the last of the twilight books, after i buy it.
oh forget it. i can go on and on!

how was your week?

(i found scrapbook deals! yay!)


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